Handmade unique candles made from special blend of natural wax and the very best high quality of fragrance.

100% Natural and Cruelty free.  

Candles are one of the greatest home decorations and lighting candle is giving us relaxing and calm atmosphere. 

Also we believe our candles are perfect gift for someone who likes beauty and originality. 

All our products are CLP compliant and carry the correct warning labels.


Pillar Candles




Large Bears

Christmas Tree

Rose Heart

Teacup Bear

Teacup Rose


Large Dog 

Mitten Glove

Container Candle

Tealight Candle Set


Tealight Candle Set


Soy Candle or Paraffin Candle?

Soy wax burns longer and has a superior scent throw to traditional paraffin waxes.

As a result Soy wax is a better choice for candles you intend to burn or use regularly.

Paraffin has higher melting point, sets harder and has a more shiny finish than soy wax.

So Paraffin wax is a great choice for decorative candles or ornamental wax pieces as well.


Candles have a long burn time if cared for correctly.  Please check our Instruction & Hugging candle page.