Wax melts ( Premium blend wax / 65g )


High scented wax melt in a Clamshell case.

Our wax melts made from premium blend of natural wax and the very best high quality of fragrance.

100% Natural and Cruelty free.


Clamshell contains 6 segments, approx 65g in total weight.


We recommend using 1 segment at a time with a 3-4 hour tealight candle.

In our testing, fragrance lasts 12-15 hours per segment.


Click HERE to see Fragrance Description.



A white crystalline layer may from om the surface of wax melts. This is a natural effect of vegetable waxes, especially soy.

It doesn't effect the performance of the wax melts in any way.


* Our premium blend wax contains beeswax.



Wax melts may vary slightly in weight and colour due to being hand poured and scent variety.

All our products are CLP compliant and carry the correct warning labels.