Wax Gemstone Ball Candle

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Amethyst, Rose quarts, Lapis lazuli, Tourmaline, crystal etc...

This Candle is the one for gemstone lovers.

Wax gem stones on sphere candle, filled with soy wax. 

Each candle is totally unique.

Perfect as a gift or for your home decor.


All our decorative stones are made from wax. Unscented.

Approx size and weight     Dia. 7cm  H. 6cm   140g

Made with Natural wax.  Vegan friendly & Cruelty Free. 



I believe the candles can be an important element of interior decorations in living room, bedroom and the entrance of your home.
Lighting a candle gives a room a warm, relaxing and calm atmosphere.

Candles are also a perfect gift for someone who appreciates beauty and originality.


I am truly hopeful you will love our candles as much as I do!


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