Soy & Gel Candle / Marine

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Gel candle.
Soy and Gel scented wax with wooden wick.

Our Gel candle doesn’t have any shells or glasses.
All decorative materials are made from 100% wax by hand.

Due to the candle being handmade, each candle has unique bobble effects and may very slightly differ from the ones in the photos.


Net Weight : Marine 200g  


Candles could have a long burn time if cared for correctly.  Please check our Instruction page.


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Varieties of Scent

  •  Bubble Gum
  •  Fresh Linen
  •  Planet Joop
  •  Midsummer Night
  •  Ocean Breeze
  •  Waikiki Beach

Due to wax melts being hand poured they may slightly vary in weight and colour.